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Harmony has been designed from the start to support multi-divisional, multi-jurisdictional software and services businesses. It is not a compromise vertical customisation of a generic ERP solution. Being specific allows the solution to contain the deep niche functionality required to support the complex requirements of this type of business.

Also, it has been designed to support the entire business lifecycle from lead to contract renewal. All the staff in the company will use the system, ensuring nothing needs re-keying and lifecycle reporting is available on demand. The aim is to eliminate disconnected processes, lost or out-of-date data or manual re-keying.

The data model has been developed to enable the key contractual aspects of each order line to be inherited from the price book, allowing components to be correctly routed through the system and accounted for. Invoicing is driven from the system on an event or period basis such that invoices may be raised (or released if auto-generated) at the first available opportunity, not always as part of a month-end cycle. In addition, key quality steps have been built into the process lifecycle such that data can be corrected at the earliest opportunity thus saving re-work and reducing errors downstream.

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